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Brazilian Sky Flower


This plant is similar to Duranta repens, but it is smaller and more compact. And unlike Duranta repens it is thornless and has larger leaves. It makes a great addition to landscapes for its beautiful show of lavender-blue flowers followed by bright orange berries on clusters to one foot in length. Plant for a medium sized hedge or in a foundation planting in mild winter climate zones.

Duranta stenostachya

Fruit Characteristics

Fruit texture : Waxy

Fruit length : 1/2<>

Fruit type : Berry-like

Fruit season : Late Summer-Fall

Fruit color : Yellow

Leaf Characteristics

Leaf texture : Glossy

Leaf length : 3-8"

Leaf shape : Oval to round; serrated

Leaf color : Rich Green

Flower Characteristics

Flower width : 1/2"

Flower shape : Tubular

Flower color : Purple

Plant Anatomy

Foliage growth cycle : Evergreen

Average size maturity width : 3-5 ft.

Average size maturity height : 4-6 ft.

Growth rate : Fast

Cultural Information

USDA Zone : 25 to 30 F( Z9b)

Sunset zone : 13, 16, 21-23

Water requirements : Regular

Light exposure : Partial Sun

Landscape Attributes

Attractive bark :Yes