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Italian Cypress


A long-lived, columnar evergreen coniferous tree with horizontal branches and dark green foliage. Generally shorter in gardens but can reach height up to 60 ft. or more. An excellent conifer to dominate a landscape.

Cupressus sempervirens

Fruit Characteristics

Fruit type : Spherical cone

Fruit color : Greyish-brown

Leaf Characteristics

Bark texture : Thin, smooth, slightly fissured

Bark color : Grey-brown

Leaf texture : Scale-like

Leaf color : Grey-green

Flower Characteristics

Flower notes :Insignificant

Plant Anatomy

Foliage growth cycle : Evergreen

Average size maturity width : 3-20 ft.

Average size maturity height : up to 60 ft.

Growth rate : Moderate

Cultural Information

USDA Zone : 10 to 15 F (Z8a)

Sunset zone : 4-24

Water requirements : Moderate

Light exposure : Sun

Landscape Attributes

Attractive bark :Yes