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Dune Sedge


This is a beautiful, spreading, evergreen, native perennial grass, which can be used as a lawn alternative. This species is botanically distinct from Carex praegracilis, but the two are frequently confused based on their overall appearance. The primary difference is that Carex pansa is better adapted to sandy soil, whereas Carex praegracilis is highly adaptable. No matter which grass you choose, either is sure to please by lending a graceful, meadow look to any garden.

Carex pansa

Leaf Characteristics

Leaf shape : Linear

Leaf color : Green

Plant Anatomy

Foliage growth cycle : Evergreen

Average size maturity height : 6-8 in.

Growth rate : Moderate-Fast

Cultural Information

USDA Zone : 0 to 5 F( Z7a)

Sunset zone : 7-9, 11-24

Water requirements : Occasional

Light exposure : Partial Sun

Landscape Attributes

Seashore conditions : Yes

Attractive bark : Yes

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