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Leafy Reed Grass


A cool-season, clump-forming Californian native found naturally on coastal bluffs, cliffs, and other open rocky places in coastal Mendocino and Humboldt counties. The glaucous, bluish green dense foliage forms low mounds. In spring, narrow, purplish feather-like blooms appear on short arching stalks, generally 15 inches tall, maturing to a tawny beige in summer. Prefer partial shade but will grow in full sun with adequate moisture. Best in coastal gardens.

Calamagrostis foliosa

Leaf Characteristics

Leaf color :Bluish green

Flower Characteristics

Flower shape : Narrow, feather-like

Flower color : Cream

Plant Anatomy

Foliage growth cycle : Evergreen

Average size maturity width : 2 ft.

Average size maturity height : 1 1/4 ft.

Cultural Information

USDA Zone : 10 to 15 F( Z8a)

Sunset zone : 2b-24

Water requirements : Regular

Light exposure : Partial Sun

Landscape Attributes

Attractive bark :Yes

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