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Variegated English Boxwood


Buxus are grown for their small, neat, leathery leaves and dense long-lived growth habits. 'Variegata' is a versatile, slow growing boxwood that requires little shearing and fills out to a thick robust barrier hedge with fine branching that also takes well to shaping into topiary. The small rich deep green leaves of this variety are strikingly variegated with creamy yellow margins. Adaptable to slightly alkaline soils, but foliage is more lush under even moisture.

Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata'

Leaf Characteristics

Leaf texture : Leathery

Leaf shape : Oval to oblong

Leaf color : Variegated - Deep green with creamy yellow margins

Flower Characteristics

Flower notes : Inconspicuous.

Flower color : White

Plant Anatomy

Foliage growth cycle : Evergreen

Average size maturity width : 5-8 ft.

Average size maturity height : 5-8 ft.

Growth rate : Slow

Cultural Information

USDA Zone : -20 to -15 F( Z5a)

Sunset zone : 3b-6, 15-17

Water requirements : Regular

Light exposure : Sun

Landscape Attributes

Attractive bark :Yes

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