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Irene Nuss Angelwing Begonia


Cane-type begonias get their name from their stems, which grow tall and woody and have prominent bamboo like joints. These tall erect plants bloom profusely from early spring through autumn. 'Irene Nuss' is the showiest of the cane-types with ovate wavy-margined foliage dark green above and dark red underneath supporting huge drooping clusters of coral pink flowers.

Begonia 'Irene Nuss'

Leaf Characteristics

Leaf length : 8"

Leaf shape : Ovate

Leaf color : Dark green above, red underneath

Flower Characteristics

Flower width : 1 1/2"

Flower shape : Drooping clusters

Flower color : Pink

Plant Anatomy

Average size maturity width : 3-4 ft.

Average size maturity height : 3-4 ft.

Cultural Information

Sunset zone : 14-24

Water requirements : Regular

Light exposure : Partial Shade

Landscape Attributes

Attractive bark :Yes

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