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It’s recommended you use mounting clips, like this 24V Outdoor InvisiLED Mounting Clip 3 from WAC Lighting, if you’re installing InvisiLED on non-flat surfaces. This version allows contact on both edges. It’s also recommended you use two clips per one foot of run. More may be required for curved places or areas where two-inch sections have been used. A single order includes ten clips.


WAC Lighting, founded in 1984, has developed a strong reputation for high quality decorative and task lighting. Based in Garden City, New York, WAC Lighting is a leading manufacturer of low voltage, line voltage and LED lighting, including track systems, transformers, lamps, cabinet lighting and recessed downlights.

24V Outdoor Invisi LED Mounting Clip 3

  • UL Listed
  • Made In China
  • Item: Width 0.6", Height 0.6", Depth 0.6"