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When is the Best Time to Install a New Pool?

Planning, designing, and installing a pool can be a time-intensive process. So, when is the best time to go through this process?

Our team of professionals and past satisfied clients would agree that fall is the best time to buy a pool. For one, if you start the process in the fall you can be sure that your pool will be ready to swim in by Spring so you get to take advantage of it as soon as the weather starts to warm up.

Another plus side to installing a pool in the fall is that installation prices will normally be lower than the upcoming year, since normally companies wait until the beginning of a new year to raise rates. November also allows for steady weather throughout your construction period, preventing delays caused by bad weather. In California it tends to rain more, early in the year, which could cause the construction to take a little longer.

Installing your pool in the fall also allows you time to arrange and fix any landscape surrounding the pool. For example if you want to install plants, pavement, an outdoor kitchen, or even just tidy up your yard after construction, building in the fall would give you enough time to do so. This way when the weather warms up and you have friends and family over, your yard and pool are fully finished and ready to enjoy.

If you are looking to install a new pool this fall give us a call at 818-751-2690 or contact us online.

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