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What Does Garden Maintenance Include?

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Garden maintenance is necessary to keep your landscape looking healthy, clean, and attractive. Some people choose to take care of their own landscape maintenance while others choose to hire a gardening service. Regardless of what you choose to do, consistent and accurate garden maintenance is essential for your outdoor space to thrive.

Maintenance plans can vary depending on what your outdoor space consists of. At Picture Build our maintenance director initially stops by clients’ commercial properties and/or homes to get a better idea of the kind of maintenance their outdoor space needs as well as discuss the things that the client would like to improve in their yard. Based on these things, our maintenance director puts together a customized plan.

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Plant and lawn care are an essential aspect of a garden maintenance plan. Aside from the necessary lawn mowing and trimming this also includes proper fertilization year-round. Fertilizers are plant nutrients that are added to the soil. The surrounding plants and trees absorb these nutrients to improve their health and growth. The amount and type of fertilizer your plants need largely depends on the type of plants they are and may vary depending on the season. It is important that the person in charge of your garden maintenance is knowledgeable in this area in order for your landscape to thrive all year long.

Weed control is another important part of plant and lawn health that your garden maintenance should include. Adding mulch to your soil helps keep the soil cool and moist and deprives weeds of light. Using organic mulch that can actually host crickets and carabid beetles, can be helpful since they seek out and devour thousands of weed seeds. Making sure to use the right amount of mulch can significantly reduce the amount of weeds in your outdoor space.

Garden maintenance also consists of irrigation management. Your irrigation system will have to be modified throughout the year depending on the amount of rainfall your area is experiencing. The goal of an irrigation system is to keep your landscape hydrated in the most efficient way possible without wasting water.

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Garden maintenance can also include small installation jobs. Such as, installing new plants, turf, or trees. Hiring a professional for your installation jobs is the safest way to go to ensure it is done properly and that your new garden thrives.

You should also include things like brush clearance, tree pruning, and hardscape maintenance in your overall maintenance routine to keep your outdoor space safe, healthy, and appealing.

If you would like a professional landscaping company to assist you with your garden maintenance,

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