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The Principles of Landscape Design

Landscape Design may seem simple but there are many principles a designer must consider when creating a design. The principles that cannot go unmissed are unity, form& texture, color & scale, simplicity & variety, and lastly sequence. Each principle ties into one another creating the final design that without the principles would have no life.

Unity is most important as its emphasis is on the quality of oneness. Unity creates a storyline for your space, allowing each individual element to coexist with one another to form an aesthetically pleasing design. Making up the whole.

Form & Texture together give a space character. Form refers to the shapes of objects in a landscape. Forms can consist of many different things like shapes of the house, walkways, driveways, plants, topography, and hardscape. The texture is the principle that consist of diversity. Texture goes beyond the physical(touch) it incorporates visuals. Forms and textures provide interest and contrast in the landscape.

Color & Scale both give appeal and are both powerful in creating mood and feeling. Color is the most

powerful of the design elements, colors create the mood desired in the

storyline. Scale is very emotionally charged and closely linked to color. It may create a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness or one of energy and action.

Simplicity and Variety work together to balance each other. Simplicity is a degree of repetition rather than constant change, creating unity. Variety is diversity and contrast in form, texture, and color preventing monotony

Sequence is the change or flow in form, color, texture, and size giving movement or meaning to the space.

Together these principles make up a the design, without the principles a design would feel incomplete. When you start working with a designer don't forget to consider these important principles, throughout the design process.

Ex. Of a incoperates all the principles the most noticeable being texture, form, color, sequence all tying together.