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The Importance of a Landscape Design

Why You Need a Landscape Design Before You Start a Project

You've started a new landscape project. All the materials have arrived, and your landscaper has started installing plants, but halfway through, they tell you the flowers they just planted need to be moved because of a drainage issue.

The bad news? The landscaper can't transplant the flowers, and you'll have to reorder them.

The worse news? The whole project needs to stop to fix the issue, and the original quote just doubled.

It's a frustrating situation, and it could've been prevented by starting with a landscape design. Along with spotting these potential problems, a design helps you create a space that increases property value and promotes biodiversity.

Large and Complex Projects Need a Design

It's tempting to head straight for the nursery and load up on plants, but large projects can quickly become unmanageable if you wing it. A landscape design makes sure you get accurate measurements and a list of materials for a solid quote.

A professional will also ensure your project is up to code if construction is required. Moving forward without detailed information could mean unexpected material and labor costs.

Protect Your Property by Spotting Potential Problems

Problems like drainage issues, invasive tree roots, or soil erosion can damage your property and are hard to spot without a professional. A landscape designer will find these issues before your project starts and let you know if you need to regrade your soil or install a retaining wall to keep your home from sliding down the hill.

A design also figures out your property's shade, sun, and soil requirements which helps you select plants that will thrive in your unique space.

A Design Promotes Balance and Biodiversity

Balancing hardscape and softscape is challenging – especially when you don't know how the plants will turn out when they mature. A designer can help you create a space that consistently blends the two elements over time.

Along with balance, they can suggest a diverse combination of plants to keep the soil healthy and promote biodiversity that attracts birds and pollinators to your yard.

Increased Property Value

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal.

Having a beautifully designed and maintained yard translates to increased property value.

Research from Virginia Tech shows well-planned landscaping increases your property value up to 12%. Creating a design is an excellent investment to impress potential buyers (and your neighbors.)

People notice landscaping first, so use a design to make the most of the opportunity and create a great first impression.

Starting with a Design Ends in a Beautiful Space

"Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature." – Penelope Hobhouse

Consulting with a designer is the best way to get accurate quotes for projects, address potential problems, and increase property value.

But more importantly, a design helps bring your landscape vision to life while creating a space that's in balance with the environment around you. Take advantage of these benefits and reach out to a landscape designer before starting your next project.

Interested in creating beautiful landscaping you can enjoy for years to come? Check out our design process and give us a call at 818-751-2690 or contact us here.