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Pavers vs Concrete - Pros and Cons


Whether you are planning to install pavers or concrete slabs in your backyard it is highly recommended to hire a professional for this type of work. These are complicated installations, and small mistakes can lead to serious consequences. Concrete installations require fewer steps and are usually simpler and quicker since concrete is poured. However, they takes a few days to dry and cure after its been poured. Pavers require more steps and must be laid by hand individually, causing it to be more time consuming and slightly more complicated, but they are ready for use shortly after they've been sealed.


Concrete slabs are normally cheaper than pavers. Concrete can cost anywhere from about $7-$12 a sq. ft., and pavers $10-$15 a sq. ft. Of course prices vary based on material and labor. Hiring quality professionals is a good way to avoid encountering issues that may lead to even higher costs.

Even though pavers are usually more expensive they are well known for instantly increasing your property's value (assuming they are properly done). They also cost less to maintain long term, since if one paver gets damaged its easy to replace that individual paver. On the other hand, if concrete is damaged you must replace the entire concrete slab.


Maintenance for both pavers and cement is pretty simple. One issue that can occur with cement and pavers is weeds growing in between them. Even though having many concrete slabs may look good it will likely require more maintenance in the long run. It is recommended to apply protective sealant to concrete in order to avoid stains, but over time stains and cracking are pretty much inevitable. Pavers may also get stained over time but it can be less noticeable depending on the color of your pavers. Washing your pavers or cement regularly will help minimize the stains and help keep them looking nice and clean for longer.


There are many options to choose from as far as texture and color with pavers, making them much more aesthetically pleasing than concrete. They will give you the curb appeal you are looking for. Even though concrete slabs may not be super appealing on their own there are ways to make them still look very attractive by creating patterns with them and putting things like grass or gravel in between them. There is also the option of choosing stamped concrete which has a design stamped on the surface making them more aesthetically pleasing. In the end, it all comes down to the vision you have in mind for your home.

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