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Landscape Ideas for Small Yards

If you live in a condo or townhouse, you likely have little to no yard space. But bigger isn't necessarily better and even a small yard can feel spacious if you know how to make the most of your design. Here is some inspiration to showcase the countless ways to increase the usability of your space— no matter its size.

1. Sturdy Bench with Storage

Maximize your space by including a sturdy bench that doubles as storage, practical and stylish.

2. Frame Your Space

A pergola will section off your yard to give the illusion of more space; you can also give it character by hanging a chair or planting a climbing garden.

3. Choose the Right Trees

Look for trees that grow taller instead of wider to maximize your space, something like Blue Arrow Juniper or Japanese Flagpole Flowering Cherry Tree.

4. Garden Vertically

Maximize available ground space with tiered planters or creating a climbing garden.

5. Vary Texture and Color

Use different texture plants, placing bolder varieties near the front to create an illusion of depth.

6. Statement Pieces

Utilize that forgotten corner space to incorporate a small water feature to make a big statement.

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