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How To Make A Tree Grow Faster

We understand that choosing to install and grow a tree can seem like a long waiting process, especially if you were hoping for some extra shade. However, there are some ways to speed up that process and help your tree grow faster. First off, choosing a tree that is native to your area and can easily thrive there will make maintaining and growing it much easier. It is important to do research on your tree and know its specific needs as far as the type of soil, nutrition, and fertilizer it may require.

Different tactics come into play when growing a tree, starting with, the location of your tree. When deciding where to install your tree you should make sure the tree will have enough space to reach its full potential. Reducing competition around your tree while also focusing on root feeding will allow the tree’s roots to take in more of the nutrients and can help speed up your tree’s growth. You should also consider the sunlight needs of your specific tree and ensure that you choose a location where it will get the necessary amount of sun. Most trees grow fastest when planted in full sun. Lastly, planting your tree away from hardscape will allow the roots to grow freely and uninterrupted, while also prevent your hardscape from being damaged by the roots.

Surrounding the tree with quality soil is very important as well. If the soil around the tree is of poor quality oftentimes the tree will not absorb the water it needs, which could stunt its growth. In the beginning you may also want to add about 3 inches of mulch around the tree to help ensure growth at an early stage, mainly during dry and hot weather. Mulch will help reduce the soil temperature, conserve moisture in the roots, and prevent grass growth. Keeping grass away from the base of the tree is important in order to reduce competition for water.

Adding the right fertilizer to your tree year round, specifically a slow release fertilizer, can make a significant difference in the speed of your trees growth. Fertilizer will help your tree grow stronger roots and vibrant leaves, at a faster rate, for a low cost. The right fertilizer can vary depending on the type of tree and the season. For this reason, you should fertilize your tree on a quarterly basis, and make the necessary changes depending on the time of year. It is recommended to consult a professional when trying to find the right fertilizer for your tree.

Overall, proper lawn care and maintenance is an important part of making a tree grow faster. Hiring a knowledgeable maintenance company, such as Picture Build, is one of the most effective ways to make sure your lawn is getting the best care possible so that your trees can flourish and grow as fast as possible.

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