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Are you finally ready to remove your lawn and replace it with drought-tolerant landscaping…but not sure how to plan your project? Picture Build is on the way. In addition to assistance with the application process of the turf replacement rebate, we are now offering FREE professionally prepared, custom landscape designs to replace your turf with water-saving, California-friendly, and native plants.

Example of a design.

Why Picture Build? We're experts who have both experience and certifications to back the work we do!

Your free design will be created by a landscape professional on our team and will include a customized planting plan utilizing beautiful low-water-use plants.

The rebate is now at $5.00 per Sq Ft. Meaning more money for you to convert your space into a beautiful drought-tolerant space! But hurry as rebates will only run as long as the funds are available!

*To receive your free design, you must commit to Picture Build for both the design and build of your project, design will consist of minimum requirements to be approved *

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