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5 Ways to Experience the Outdoors During Quarantine

It’s been a month or so since schools and non-essential workplaces have closed their doors and social distancing has become the new normal. The measures, which have seen citizens from the U.S to India either encouraged or enforced to stay in their homes, have been deemed necessary by medical experts in order to assist in reducing the spread of the virus.

While the current COVID19 pandemic has brought us to remain at home, it doesn’t mean all fun has to stop. So, what can you do to fight the boredom at home during quarantine? Try thinking of this time as the ultimate staycation, one that includes online classes and remote work. Here are a few ideas to help you through the next couple of weeks and remember to stay safe!

1. Backyard "Drive-In"

Watching a movie in your back yard will give you a similar feeling to cozying up at the drive-in. If your space isn’t already fixed up with a mounted television, you can use a projector and hanging white sheet for a more nostalgic feel.

2. Gather ‘Round the Campfire

Sitting by the fire with your favorite book is a good way to transport you to another world, away from all the current craziness. If you have kids, try telling scary stories and making s’mores.

3. Eat “Out” for Dinner

Switching up the ambience by cooking and eating outdoors can help break up the monotony of self-isolation.

4. Become an Artist

Create a sketch or use watercolors to make a landscape painting of your living space. Explore your backyard and take the time to notice things you haven’t before.

5. Practice Self-Care

Use your yard as your own yoga studio, all you need is a yoga mat. Another option would be to take this time to meditate and de-stress. No equipment needed, just sit in the grass and take in nature.

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