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Easy Garden Ideas and Inspiration

Starting a new garden is exciting – and slightly overwhelming. You look out into your yard and see empty space.

But where do you start?

How can you be unique?

Do I have to plant a lawn?

Here are some ideas for inspiration and to get the mind flowing. Hopefully, these tips will lead to a vision for your garden that speaks to you.

Don’t Forget the Front Yard

The backyard usually gets all the attention but don’t forget about the front. Make the most of your first impression and try planting large shrubs or letting wild perennials grow free. Your home will stand out from the row of lawns, and you’ll be doing half the maintenance.

If you have a pathway, line it with colorful flowers or potted plants to give your guests the feeling of a grand entrance.

Plant an Edible Garden

Planting vegetables or edible flowers is a fantastic way to give your garden variety. You can section off room for raised garden beds or get creative and mix them among the other plants.

Either way, you’ll be helping the environment and creating a source of healthy organic food for your family.

Add a Water Feature

If you’re a fan of water, putting in a water feature will give you a sense of serenity. Placing a chair next to your pond or waterfall will give you a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It will also attract wildlife to contribute to your yard’s ecosystem.

Waters features are also great if you have dogs and can be excellent focal points to draw in the eye of guests.

Focus on Your Best Feature

Have you decided to go with one of our suggestions? Is there one element of your yard that makes you proud? Make it the focal point. Line your water feature with eye-catching flowers or use unique raised beds for that edible garden.

Guests will be drawn into the space and leave with a lasting impression. Just resist the temptation to clutter your garden with too many unique or exciting pieces.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Lighting goes with just about everything in your garden. Good lighting will create an atmosphere around your future water feature or accentuate the beautiful mature tree in the center of the yard.

Lights can also add some ambiance to your seating to make it more inviting.

Lighting is another good area to get creative because the options are limitless. Play around by adding lighting to various locations to see where it brings out the most in your garden.

Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself

Making a garden your own can seem overwhelming at first, but it can become an exciting process. Hopefully, these ideas help inspire you and provide a starting point for your next project. Don’t be afraid to experiment to see what feels natural in your space.

Don’t want to do it alone? We can help. Contact us for your next projects

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