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Benefits of Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Opting to go with a drought tolerant landscape is very beneficial not only for the environment, but also for yourself! Most of the benefits that drought tolerant landscapes provide end up saving you money in the short and long term as well! Here are some ways that a drought tolerant landscape can benefit you and your environment.

Reduce Water Use

This is one of the most obvious and biggest benefits of a drought tolerant landscape. Needing less water for your landscape to thrive not only helps save water but also lowers your water bill. Drought tolerant plants need significantly less water than regular plants, and drought resistant ground cover (such as rocks, pebbles, or mulch) need no water at all. This also saves you money over time on complicated irrigation systems, and allows you to use a much simpler irrigation system or no irrigation system at all.

drought tolerant landscape

Less Maintenance

Less watering, if done manually, can also mean less maintenance. Also, opting for drought tolerant ground cover means being able to skip lawn mowing all together. Drought tolerant landscapes usually require minimal maintenance. If you are planning to do the maintenance yourself this will save you a lot of time, and if you are hiring a maintenance company to do it for you it will save you money. Another reason why investing in a well thought out drought tolerant landscape is a great idea.

native plants

More Beauty!

Yes we know, “drought tolerant” doesn’t sound the most attractive, but it actually can be! Drought tolerant plants can include colorful native plants. Plants that are native to your area can easily thrive in your local weather conditions. This means that your drought tolerant garden doesn’t necessarily need to look “drought tolerant.” Although, a succulent garden mixed with other more obvious drought tolerant plants can be equally as beautiful. The key is having a well planned out design that you are happy with prior to planting. For some tips and tricks on planning your drought tolerant landscape check out this blog.

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