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Commercial & Residential Landscape Maintenance Services in Santa Clarita

Landscaping services are extremely important to maintain the greenery and beauty of your outdoor space. It includes a lot of steps and processes, making it difficult to handle on your own. We have got expert professionals who can efficiently handle the job and take care of the maintenance in a better way. Whether you are hoping for residential or commercial landscape maintenance services, we are here to offer you all the services you need to maintain a better-looking landscape on your property. We will ensure it boosts the visual appearance while giving it a fresh look.

Our Services

If you decide to go ahead with our landscaping services, you must know we cater to different needs and offer multiple services. This includes.

Plant care

We aim to pay extra attention to the garden area through a well-planned nurturing job. We will assure it stays flourishing and green. Our maintenance professionals have extensive knowledge of the flora, making it easy for them to improve the quality of the plants in your backyard. Be it watering or trimming from time to time, our maintenance services will assure the better life of your plants. 


Weed control

Our company focuses on helping avoid the growth of weeds which can degrade the quality of your lawn area. We make use of the environmentally friendly approach for the same. Our maintenance team will help you minimize the weeds in the garden, making it safe for pets, people, and also the environment. We have got experienced professionals who can eliminate the common weed types. Also, with our weekly maintenance services, you will be able to maintain a healthy lawn. 

Bush clearance

We aim to increase the safety of your property with our bush clearance services. This becomes important when you live in a fire-prone area. We will help ensure your property complies with local regulations and avoid fines. Also, we will make the property look beautiful while it stays protected from any fires.

Hardscape maintenance

Although the service is not required regularly, it is still a major job that needs to be handled from time to time, especially after heavy rains. We have a certified team of maintenance professionals who will assure your walkways, patio, or other outdoor additions stays in good shape and have a better life. 

Irrigation management

To enjoy a healthy and green-looking lawn area, you need a well-working irrigation system. Our team will get the best system that will easily reach each corner of the lawn. Without wasting any water, we will ensure to maintain it. Also, we will go ahead with the repair and maintenance to the best. 

Lawn care

We have got expert professionals who understand the lawn care job. Our team is expert in handling the seasonal changes and the grasses which can affect your property and the lawn. We will work to ensure that the landscaping stays healthy and fresh looking throughout the year. 

Small Tree Work

Excessive growth of the trees in the lawn area can affect the appearance. We have got professionals who will keep the new and the existing trees in a healthy condition. Whether you are adding trees for privacy or enjoying freshly grown fruits, we will maintain them to increase their lifespan. 

Small planting

You will require weekly and biweekly loan maintenance care during the maintenance job. Besides the regular, we can also install new plants and trees to improve the aesthetic of the landscape. Our team has got extended knowledge in handling the installation of small to big job. We aim to make use of environment-friendly products for the installation. 

Why Picture Build?

As a trusted company, we come to have direct contact with our clients all the time. Our professionals work hard to assure high-quality maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties. Based on your specific needs, we will customize the maintenance plan to ensure the lawn stays healthy and green throughout the year. Our crew has knowledgeable and trusted professionals who are all experienced in handling outdoor maintenance and installation services. So we can guarantee you satisfactory services every time.

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