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Artificial Grass Installation & Program

What is synthetic turf installation?

The maintenance of the lawn area is quite difficult, especially when the weather conditions are unfavorable. In such situations, artificial grass installation comes to the rescue. Artificial turf installation is laying synthetic looking grass in the place the person desires.


As it is made of synthetic material, it does not require water or maintenance. In fact, it can be installed anywhere as per suitability. The grass is available in different colors, sizes, materials, etc. So you can choose the one that goes well with your specific requirement. It will give you a real lawn-like atmosphere but will come with no requirement for maintenance. In fact, there will be multiple advantages of the installation service such as a decreased water bill, lower landscape maintenance bill and a perfect looking lawn year round.

What is the need to install synthetic turf in North America?

The climate condition in North America has become unfavorable for the proper growth of grassland. The condition across North America varies greatly. There can be extreme heat and extreme cold areas, which makes it difficult for the grass to survive. So even if you take all the measures and maintenance of your lawn, it won’t be able to survive.

During the dry or the summertime, there is also a water shortage. So in an attempt to save water and avoid any lawn maintenance, it becomes  important to go ahead and install synthetic turf .It will come with a major advantage for both the property owner and the environment. You can trust Picture Build to bring in a change. They will help you get a water-conserving lawn area.

Rebate on artificial grass

North America at the Risk of Water Scarcity


The drought conditions in North America are getting worse. If the proper steps are not taken now, then in the coming time, no natural water source will be left for California. Given the seriousness of the condition, the Government is coming up with new programs for helping people and the environment. There are rebate programs available that will help get major benefits. There have been stats that revealed that California will lose 10% of its water supply by the year 2040. This is why it is important to take measures to save it now.


A Brief Overview of Rebate Program


The rebate program is an incentive taken by the Government that aims to improve landscape water use efficiency, and encourages holistic landscaping practices for reducing the environmental impact.

The Government is encouraging businesses and homeowners to check the local authorities for the rebate and the conservation program. Make sure to get detailed information and take proper measures to go ahead with the conservation programs to bring a change.

How Artificial Grass is a Perfect Solution to Deal with Water Scarcity?

During uncertain times, the installation of artificial turf will be great. It will replace the natural grass. Since there will be no need to water synthetic grass landscapes or lawns, the water-saving benefits will be quite high and will be a major contributor to the conservation of water.

Having a drought-tolerant landscape will reduce the use of water for the maintenance of the lawn area. Herein the artificial grass turns out to be suitable. This will give that natural-looking feel without any requirement for maintenance or watering.

The Rebate Process and Program Condition


The rebate program has been a great initiative from the government to encourage the residents to take measures for water conservation. But remember, the program has gained a lot of popularity. This is why the approvals can take about 1 to 2 weeks. The applications will be processed in the way they were received and will be subjected entirely to the availability of funding limitations. When it comes to getting the rebate check, it can take about 6 to 8 Weeks for the arrival of the same. This will happen once the post-inspection has been completed successfully.

Eligibility criteria

1.•  The person applying for the rebate program must be a customer of the Los Angeles County Waterworks District Nos. 21, 37, or 40.

2•  The customers who have got yellow or brown grass  before 11/2021 will still be eligible to get the benefit of the program. For identifying the condition of the grass, historical area photography can be used.

3•  The customers will get a period of 6 months to complete the project so they can immediately stop watering the area decided for the replacement.

4•  The local city authority will not look after the non-maintenance. This means the customers will not be fined if they have yellow or brown areas.

 5. It is important that the new landscaping includes rock, drought-tolerant plants, decomposed granite, permeable landscape, and ungrouted stepping stones.

With the right measures, you can take advantage of the new rebate program and create a sustainable landscape beneficial for all.


Cash for grass replacement program

The government is offering bill-reducing benefits to those eligible for water rebates. It can be achieved by replacing natural lawns with water-efficient landscapes. The cash for artificial turf program offers property owners a chance to convert their lawn into a water-saving landscape and get rebates for the same. Rebates vary depending on the city between $3-$5 a sq ft.


Benefits of Rebate Program for Residential & Commercial

Besides the tax saving benefit for commercial and residential property owners, there are also various other advantages. For instance, it will not require any maintenance from a professional. In fact, it will help save the water that is used for irrigation purposes. Thus, maintaining a beautiful and fresh-looking lawn area throughout the year will be absolutely possible. There are grass alternatives available that qualify for the rebate! Call us to schedule an appointment to see your options!

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