Picture Build Specialized services

Here are our specialized services:  

Here are our specialized services

Designing: An important part of many successful installations is the design phase. Our group includes professional landscape designers who will help with consultation and planning of any element of outdoor environment. The team includes Master Gardeners and award winning designers. Read More >>

Paving: There are many paving choices that can be included in beautiful outdoor creation. At Picture Build we have the right crew for proper installation of these materials. With years of experience of our teams, the job will come out right and just as important, last a long time. Read More >>

Picture Build Outdoor Construction and landscaping

Masonry: When it comes to masonry installations such as walls & steps, or BBQ’s & outdoor kitchens; Picture Build is an company for your project. We can design a custom masonry feature and increase the aesthetic and functionality of your property.

Planting & Irrigation: There are many types of plants and plant designs that you can choose from, which one is right?  Well, let us help you with those decisions. We can recommend the proper type, including water requirement, light requirement, growth and maintenance for your project. Read More >>

Services - Landscape Design and Garden Plans

Water Features: The addition of any type of water landscapes is sure to add a lovely ambiance and increase the visual appeal as well. At Picture Build we will custom design and install arrange of water features including pool features, ponds, fountains and waterfalls. Read More >>

Lighting: let us help you create some great curb appeal for property, at night. When the sun goes down, we can make your landscapes come alive with a custom designed lighting scheme. We will help you choose the right type of fixtures and coverage for the various zones in your landscape. Read More >>

Outdoor Structures: Whether you want a new pergolas, covered patio or a deck; we are the right company for the job. Our teams of experienced outdoor structure specialists will not disappoint you. With many decades of building outdoor structures, you are guaranteed a professional finish!
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