Permeable Pavingstones

What are they?

Permeable pavers are similar to a standard paver but they specifically designed to allow water to filter down versus running off the surface. They are installed using a different procedure and have a large gravel base below them vs the firm base of a standard paver.

They are made with large spacer type sections on the side that create a large joint when installed next to each other. This large joint allows the water to easily permeate the surface.
There are some project types that may call for this type of paver. For example if you have a steep driveway where you need to control water runoff, a permeable paver maybe a solution. These can be installed also for environmental purposes and water reclamation as well.

How are they installed?

First the area is excavated to allow for all the required gravel bedding. Then textile fabrics are installed to prevent soils from mixing with the gravel. Then different sized gravel layers are installed. Finally the pavers are placed on the gravel bedding and the joints are filled with a finer gravel.

Where does the water go?

Once installed, the water filters through the joints into the gravel bed below. There it collects and begins permeating the soils around it. After a while all the water goes back into the soil.
In some specialized projects the water can be reclaimed and stored in specialized underground water storage facilities and pumped out for use when needed. If you are interested in this type of paving, Picture Build can give you on onsite consultation.

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