Lighting can add a great touch for any outdoor project. It offers that great accent and warm inviting feel to an otherwise dark exterior. It really completes a landscape.
In outdoor lighting you have two main types.

  • Low Voltage

  • High Voltage.

Low voltage lighting is the most popular method used for garden and landscape highlights. As its names implies it naturally uses less power than the higher voltage items. It is easier to install and less expensive per light than a high voltage system.
Since low voltage does not have enough power to injure someone it can be installed by anyone and does not necessarily need an electrician to put it in.
High voltage lighting has to meet certain code requirements and may need a permit and inspection.

Outdoor lighting is can be installed in many locations to add accent including:

On The Home

Pools And Water Feature Accent Lights

On Outdoor Structures

Along Paths And In Low Spread Garden Beds

As Spot Lighting On Trees, Wall Accents And Large Visual Items

An In Other Structure Highlight Points: Walls, Steps, Outdoor Kitchens Etc

We can design a lighting scheme that will give you that perfect look for your yard.

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