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Landscape Design – Los Angeles

Picture Build is the perfect choice if you want to hire a landscaping company that also provides reliable landscape design services. With a portfolio that comprises some of the most exquisitely designed and created landscapes in the city of Los Angeles and nearby areas, we assure you of amazing results from our design plans.
Our landscape design services cover everything that makes up a typical outdoors – paver surfaces, masonry kitchens and fireplaces, water features, irrigation and planting, lighting, and outdoor living amenities. So if you wish to hire just one company for all your design needs, it makes perfect sense to get our expert services. With us, your dream landscape is one step closer to reality. Contact us today and let us start creating your desired landscape features and amenities.

Why Our Landscape Designs Stand Out

We have been rendering wonderful landscape designs for countless clients throughout the years. Our finished design projects are some of the most stunning pieces of real estate in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and Santa Monica, and we take pride in having worked on them. But what exactly makes our landscape design creations extraordinary?

Here are some of the Best Reasons:
  • Customized/personalized designs. We know how important it is for some clients to have their personality show in their landscapes. So we make it a point to incorporate their specific design requests in the designs that we create. We also guarantee that each design that we make is different from all the others that we’ve done for a truly unique feel and look.

  • Modern design aids. Along with our designers’ innate creativity is their extensive use of modern design tools, such as CAD, Dynascape, Adobe Illustrator, SmartDraw, and other graphic design software. These allow us to quickly create highly detailed and complex design plans and present the same for our clients’ approval.

  • Experience. Our extensive experience as landscape designers let us decide which approach to take when making our design proposals. For example, we can easily pick the specific theme to use based on your design requests or your property’s existing themes.

  • Stunning and functional designs. We believe that form should always come with functionality; which is why we don’t just create ordinary retaining walls but make sure that we make functional areas out of these structures. Another is when adding shrubs or trees to the design plan – we don’t just include them for aesthetic purposes but also for their perfect shade and natural cooling effect on the landscape.

Landscape Design Options

The great thing about our landscape design service is that clients have the freedom to hire us only for the specific task, or they can instead get our services to design andbuild the various landscape features that they desire. This means that should you wish to go for the second option, you would have a convenient experience since you’re working with just one contractor for your project.

Finest Landscape Designers in Los Angeles County

Wherever you may be in Los Angeles County, rest assured that we can provide you outstanding landscape design services. We offer affordable rates for our professional design packages, and we even provide a free estimate should you want an upfront assessment of the budget that you have to prepare. Please come and visit our Sunland office, or just call (818) 751-2690 so we can quickly answer all your questions.

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