We feel that education is a key factor to ensure that clients make the right decisions about their projects. That is why we included this section on our website. Here anyone can do a little homework and get familiar with some of the ins and outs of landscape design and installation.
Anyone can make better decisions about anything with good information. Now of course you don’t have to train as a landscape designer to simply redo your backyard. However, getting familiar with a few key ideas, materials and processes can make the difference between getting something that meets or exceeds your initial idea and something that falls short.
Please feel free to look through the information and links provided. If you have any additional questions also feel free to call us or and send an email.

Do You Need A Permit?

This is a question that comes up so much in landscape construction that we decided to give a brief rundown for anyone interested.
When looking at doing and outdoor project at your home or business it is always a good idea to find out whether it requires a permit or is even allowed in the first place. Considering that many cities are getting tougher with their code requirements and inspections a little extra upfront work can save bigger expenses down the road.
Construction has many aspects and each is treated differently. The first major factor is what city the project is in. Not every city treats certain construction projects the same and so what may be okay in Los Angeles may not work in Pasadena. The second variable is what agencies become involved. As an example, some projects fall under public works where some are handled by building and safety. To best answer this it is best to set up a consultation. We know many codes but not all of them for every city and if we don’t know we can find out. So give us a call to discuss this in detail.

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This site has a huge data center for photos and products. Here you can create your own identity and collect photos and product ideas that you think are great. You can look them over at your leisure. You can also show us the gallery you collected to discuss replicating something at your home or business.


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A lot of people already know about this site but it is a great tool for getting some creative project ideas. Pin some cool photos and show them or email to us.

Better Homes and Gardens

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This site has some great tools as well that can help you create some great ideas for your yard. You can find out information about plant types, specific information on where and when to plant etc.

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