Common Water Irrigation Problems

A green, lively garden is a common desire for every home owner. One of the best features of a person’s home is their garden. It externally portrays the personality and uniqueness of the home owner. It can be stressful when a home owner have landscaping issues that are frustrating and financially burdening.

Water irrigation systems are one of the most stressful things to deal with when there are issues surrounding it. Especially if the water irrigation system was not thoroughly planned out. Poor designing and labor can lead to flooding or inadequate coverage, which can damage the plant life and the whole design concept of the landscape. Here are a few water irrigation problems that can affect your landscape.

Sprinklers that are installed at the bottom of slopes or hills causes soggy areas as well as unattended areas that can kill grass and promote fungi growth.

Lack of plant research can cause garden owners to waste water and money. Improper planning with plant placement can cause some plants to flourish and others to die and flood your garden.

Landscapers or garden owners that have installed sprinklers in odd corners or have compacted soil can cause inadequate coverage and malnourishment for your garden.

Not having the proper water pressure can cause sprinklers to malfunction and improperly water your garden.

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