2017 Landscaping Tips

2017 is here and the winter season is coming into the new year with force. Although the winter storms are blessing California with plenty rain and beautiful snow scenery, it is probably damaging your spring garden. Winter can be pretty harsh on delicate crops, but there are ways to stop that from happening. Here are ways to recreate your landscape to ease the stress on your spring crops.

Halt on spring planting
Planting spring ready crops during the winter can do more harm than good for your spring garden. Although it may save you time, it can be a waste of time and money. The freezing temperature of winter can damage the growth process of your spring plants.

Avoiding pests
The freezing temperatures of winter will make unwanted pest find shelter inside your crops. Avoid damaging your crops by planning ahead with pest control.

Maintain yard keeping
To avoid mold and fungus from thriving in your crops, maintain a clean yard by raking leaves and cleaning up old shrubs. Leaves and shrubs that accumulate over time in crops can cause unwanted humidity in your crops, permanently damaging them.

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