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2017 is here and the winter season is coming into the new year with force. Although the winter storms are blessing California with plenty rain and beautiful snow scenery, it is probably damaging your spring garden. Winter can be pretty harsh on delicate crops, but there are ways to stop that from happening. Here are ways to recreate your landscape to ease the stress on your spring crops.

Halt on spring planting
Planting spring ready crops during the winter can do more harm than good for your spring garden. Although it may save you time, it can be a waste of time and money. The freezing temperature of winter can damage the growth process of your spring plants.

Avoiding pestsThe freezing temperatures of winter will make unwanted pest find s...

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A green, lively garden is a common desire for every home owner. One of the best features of a person’s home is their garden. It externally portrays the personality and uniqueness of the home owner. It can be stressful when a home owner have landscaping issues that are frustrating and financially burdening.

Water irrigation systems are one of the most stressful things to deal with when there are issues surrounding it. Especially if the water irrigation system was not thoroughly planned out. Poor designing and labor can lead to flooding or inadequate coverage, which can damage the plant life and the whole design concept of the landscape. Here are a few water irrigation problems that can affect your landscape.

Sprinklers that are inst...

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When people hear about landscape/design contractors, they usually associate contractors only with grand projects like creating new residential properties or redesigning commercial business buildings. But, it is always good to consult to professional landscape contractors for small residential projects like rearranging gardens, new irrigation system's or polishing up a new pavement. With a licensed landscaper at hand, property construction projects will make life stress-free for clientele in many ways.

A great landscape contractor will always establish authenticity and trust with their clients. A contractor will have the best architect with a strong background in landscape engineering consult with clients about designs, time and price estimation before, during, and after the project.

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Drought tolerant landscaping is a relatively new concept. As more and more homeowners delight in lush green lawns, colorful gardens, and the compliments that come along with curb appeal, those living in dry or high heat regions are beginning to wonder how they can enjoy the same. Drought tolerant plants make this possible, but how?

Not all plants are created equal. Some are thirsty, needing an abundance of water to thrive or even survive, others can live in dry soil for months without water. Some plants flower in the winter or spring, but go dormant for many months before the hot weather arrives. Others have deep root systems that allow them to find and collect water even in small amounts. Some plants have leaf, stem, and root structures...

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Picking a contractor to do work on a home is not always an easy task. The cost and time involved in some projects can rival business ventures, home purchases and other major life decisions. With this level of commitment and attention it is very common to see people get anxious or stressed.

Stress comes from the concern that something is potentially or actually reducing how well we are surviving. When we say surviving we just don’t meanfood, shelter and water. Surviving can include the quality of relationships, happiness, and other non-tangible things.

Everyone is different and what one person may find stressful another may not. The level of stress that exists is as variable as the number of individuals there are. The factors that f...

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“I want to convert my yard to low water use but I don’t want it to look ugly”

As a Southern California landscape contractor one of the biggest concerns I hear from my clients looking to install drought tolerant planting is whether or not it is going to look attractive. Many are converting from yards that already have nicer elements and decent lawns.

They often worry this will look too “deserty” and feel that converting to drought tolerant planting would be taking a step backwards.

They envision yards with a sea of gravel or decomposed granite and a one or two cactus sticking out of the ground and quite often can list off a few neighborly examples of this parched look.

So, does going low water mean boring and...

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